Working Capital Loans

Our fast application and approvals mean increased access to your money! At PLG, there is no focus on personal assests or credit score.. We believe the history and financial performance of your business outweighs all other factors!


Equipment Leasing

Purchasing expensive equipment can be cost ineffective, and also increase your company's debt.  Leasing is a more cost-friendly, future ready means to acquire either your office supplies or operational machinery!


Referral Program

Know someone who needs help? Send them to us and receive discounts and bonuses on future payments and loans!

Since 1993

Realize Your Growth Potential!

At Peachtree Lending Group (PLG) we believe ‘Lending Leads to Growth', simple and easy. We make working capital, short term capital, and equipment leasing available to eligible businesses for expansion and growth. Our company assists owners to access capital, loans, and leases to grow successful companies!

Our customers are small businesses of all kinds and all sizes. As an example, we work with traditional retailers like restaurants, hotels, manufacturers, and salons. We also can help Internet-based online merchants secure capital. We provide an outlet for small to mid-sized businesses to obtain working capital for many different reasons including purchasing inventory, expansion, marketing, build-out, and updates.

If you have a business projecting at least $200,000 in annual sales, we can help you find access to working capital and leasing options, regardless of whether or not you accept credit cards! Peachtree Lending Group is your one-stop-shop to accessing working capital loans, lines of credit, business cash advances, equipment financing, and purchase order financing. We will help educate you on your various funding options of non-bank capital to grow your business!


Let's Grow Together

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